Music for

Dance & Film

Searching for a vitality and tautness of image, created by the coexistence of sound/silence and movement/stillness. What narratives and landscape are created by these juxtapositions and confluences? Vibrations of light and air, each ripe with its own emotional and cultural meaning, resonating and  reverberating together into a state of higher complexity, greater than the sum of its parts...

Selected Works for Dance

Narawala (Tanya Bello/Project B, 2014)

Harboring (Project Bandaloop, 2013)

Rearranging Time (Cielo Vertical Arts, 2013)

In The Time (Amy Seiwart's Imagery, 2012)

Rayographs & Solarizations (Rebecca Wilson, 2012)

Where We Will Turn (The Dance Exchange, 2012)

Interface (Kristen Daley, 2012)

The Rambler (Joe Goode Performance Group, 2011)

The Secret History of Love (Sean Dorsey, 2011)

Moveable Feast (Project B/Tanya Bello, 2010)

The Bird Ball (Cori Olinghouse, 2009)

Swift Between Green and Grey (Taproot Dance Project, 2006)

The How Not to See Dances (Scott Wells and Dancers, 2005)

insides (BuildingBloc, 2005)

Reparations (Cori Olinghouse/Susan Sgorbati, 2002)