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Jesse Olsen Bay has been composing for contemporary dance for 20 years, scoring dozens of pieces by leading choreographers and winning numerous awards and grants. Recently, he has branched out into soundtracks, including the acclaimed films Boy I Am (dir. Sam Feder) and transParent (dir. Jules Rosskam), radio, and other media.


Below, you can find excerpts from some of Jesse's work for dance, film, and other media, demonstrating the range of his composition and sound design. Jesse is available to create original music for your project, and also has a library of over 100 original compositions, most of which are available for licensing/placement. Email for more information.

Excerpts from Interface (2012), a dance piece created by Kristen Daley. Composed entirely from processed samples of the composer's voice.

"Music Box" (2011) from the dance piece The Rambler by Joe Goode Performance Group.

"Diving Music" (2013) from the dance piece Where We Will Turn by the Dance Exchange.

The score from the dance piece Rayographs and Solarizations by Rebecca Wilson (2012).


Searching for a vitality and tautness of image, created by the coexistence of sound/silence and movement/stillness. What narratives and landscape are created by these juxtapositions and confluences? Vibrations of light and air, each ripe with its own emotional and cultural meaning, resonating and reverberating together into a state of higher complexity, greater than the sum of its parts...