I regularly facilitate Embodied Singing Circles in the Bay Area and beyond. In these workshops, we employ traditional songs, vocal and physical improvisation, and musical meditations to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other. Together, we:

- Use physical awareness and embodiment practices to find ease, freedom, and expression in our voices

- Learn to listen and sing together in a group, blending our voices in harmony and balance

- Sing beautiful, traditional songs, as vehicles for self-expression and deeper connection with community, history, and a sense of the sacred

- Improvise with our voices and bodies, journeying together through the deep, wide ocean of sound

- Express and transform our deepest emotions -- joy, longing, sadness, love, peace, anger -- in a safe and supportive environment

These workshops are generally open to all levels of experience, and can be tailored to groups of all sizes.

In addition, I teach private lessons at my South Sebastopol studio.

I offer drumset and percussion lessons for all ages and levels. We explore technique, musicality, and improvisation, through a range of genres including rock, jazz, funk, afro-cuban, and other styles from around the world. Each lesson is uniquely shaped to meet the student's musical goals. I especially love working with kids (6-12), teens who want to expand their musical horizons, and adults who are new to drumming.

I also offer lessons in voice, guitar, songwriting, and general musicianship.

$40/$50 for 45 minutes/1 hour private lessons. I'll also consider "house calls" for an additional fee.

Please contact me at tangledmusic@gmail.com or call (707) 827-6024 for more info.


About Jesse:

Jesse Olsen Bay has been teaching and performing music in the Bay Area and around the world for 20 years. He studied at Bennington College with legendary percussionist/healer Milford Graves, and now performs with Orkestar Radacina, Ramon & Jessica, Open Graves, and collaborates frequently with choreographers and dancers. In addition to percussion, he is an experienced composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer. Jesse has received honors from the American Composers Forum, New Music USA, San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, Ucross Foundation, and the Isadora Duncan Awards. He currently accompanies and teaches in the Theater Arts Department at Sonoma State University.